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Quick Update John Minton 2008-10-30 23:44:57 Website

I have been working on Version 2 of the website in my spare time. I started working at Little Caesars in Auburn and have a crazy schedule. So I get an hour or 2 in here and there.

A quick run down on what I am accomplishing with the new version:

Easier for me to update and manage - I have condensed the 75+ files into 3.

I can edit any page from anywhere because all the pages we normally have are now in the database. This also allows me to have more control over other stuff for search engine optimization.

Changing the database for the user account types.

Adding a template system so that in the future I can add different looks for the site. IE Right now we have a basic, minimal image use fast loading website. In the future I can make a nice graphical one for anyone with a high speed connection. Users will be able to choose what template they want to use.

I am trying to make plans for emergency access to the website via packet radio. In the event that the power goes out, the web server will server the pages to the radio instead. This is more of of something to be finished in the future, but I need to make plans for it now.

I am trying to convert the entire website into a CSS compliant page, so that Google will raise us up on Search Engine Results...more exposure is a good thing.

Instead of EC's, DEC's, SEC's, etc having a menu to access all their special functions, they will access a page with all their options. This will make it easier for me to add new stuff to the website.

All of the back end work the programming does will be condensed and sorted into a manageable array, instead of randomly pulling things out in weird places in the scripts.

The front page will be resided and I might even add some other neat stuff into it....IE If you see a news post that you haven't read on the front page, you can click a plus sign and the rest of the message will be displayed right there....its hard to explain, but it moves stuff on the screen out of the way and it expands down. Then you click it again and it goes back up. This is a really nice way to save screen space and still give you the information you need.

There was some things I took out of the website because they were having problems. These will be put back in and will work.

A permissions system will be put into play so that Agencies like Red Cross, etc can interact with The EC's, etc.

Message system will be improved.

If I can manage it, a new and improved chat room system will be added.

I have found a really cool FREE program called "VSee", and I will add options for users to Share their VSee ID, Yahoo IM, MSN IM, etc.

That's about it for now.

I am also hoping to get my license soon, if I can find time to learn what I need to learn, it is something I need to do before I can start working with some of the digital radio stuff I want to test out.

Thanks for everyone's support!

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