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All of your information is keep private to Non-ARES members. ARES members have access to nearly all information posted on the website.
Firstname, Lastname, Call Sign or any information you type in a News Post is some of the information available to other ARES members.

Your EC will be able to print out ID cards, these cards will have a small bar code on them, with a number. If you type this into the front page of the website, it verifies your picutre, name call sign, and that you are a member of the ARES Club. (This has not be develoepd yet.)

I, as the website developer, have access to your information. It, along with the entire website, is currently hosted on a secure server located (to the best of my knowledge) in California. I will keep your information safe to the best of my abilities. Under no circumstance will your information be sold or publicly released by my doing.
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