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Just Some Notes

This website is intended to make certain aspects of A.R.E.S. association easier to function, manage, and to increase communication between members.

It is possible that the website could go down in the middle of an emergency (or any other time), and therefore, as far as technology permits it is not 100% reliable.

My personal goals as the developer of this site is not only to help out the association by creating this site, but to put my name where people can see it with an example of my work. I believe in being an entrepreneur and don't want to depend on dishonest employers to follow through on things that they can get away with.

If you, or anyone else you know, is interested in getting a project done for themselves, please contact me at

The Legal Stuff

I retain sole ownership of this site and all contents that originally come with it. If another club or individual would like to use this script, please contact me at I can also modify any part of the site if necessary.

All Members information, pictures, etc is of the authors own property.

I decline responsibility for how the site is used, its security or any content on it. You use this website at your own risk and I relinquish all liability associated with this site. I make no guarantees to its functionality, uses, security or reliability.

I did my personal best to make the website secure and dynamic. Feel free to report bugs, flaws or any problems and I will see what I can do to fix them. If you find a security hole or members start getting spam please contact me so I can troubleshoot the cause and develope a fix for it.

Any other questions or comments can be directed to is my personal website in which I will have updates and downloads available.

Thanks for your time.

~John Minton
Change County

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